AKASS team relocated an existing 2.4m VSAT antenna to a new location for AWASH Bank Ethiopia.

Customer wanted to use the current installation location for construction of cafeteria.

The site survey assignment was awarded to AKASS team from Orange and  we assessed all the compound for available relocation spot facing the current Satellite location and presented the site survey result with proposed new location which is agreed and confirmed with customer.

Based on the site survey, the relocation work is also given to AKASS Engineering. The team relocated the outdoor unit within 2 days as specified on the site survey. The activity included the move of  2.4m VSAT outdoor unit with all associated equipment, new IFL (Interfacility Link coaxial cable ), BUC, LNB, Earthing cable and extending a power cable to the new location.


The activity is successfully completed to customer satisfaction.



Anteneh Kassaye

AKASS Engineering