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Feed Horn Cover 20cm.

3M™ Linerless Electrical Rubber Tape 2242, 1 1/2 in x 15 ft (38 mm x 4,6m),

3M™ Linerless Electrical Rubber Tape 2242 is used for all-voltage splicing, jacketing, & general insulating.  Adhesive Material‎ ‎ Rubber Resin  Agency Approvals‎ ‎ HH-I-553C,‎ ASTM D-4388 Type 1, 2 & 3  Backing Material‎ ‎ Rubber  Brand‎ ‎ 3M  Breaking Strength‎ ‎ 7.5 lb/in  Color‎ ‎ Black  Dielectric...

RF adapters are often used to enable connections between two connector types that would otherwise not mate. Certain adapter configurations can also be used to protect connectors on expensive equipment where the number of connect/disconnect cycles is high.( see manufacturer spec)

RF Connector  Model:  N/M-RGXXX-CR  Class:  N-Male Crimp type  Frequency:  DC-11GHz  Impedance:  50 Ω  Match Cable:  RG8/213/214/LMR400  V.S.W.R:  ≤ 1.10  Inner plating:  Gold Plate  Shell plating:  Nickel or Tri-Metal  Temperature:  -40℃- +85℃  Durability:  500 Cycles  Waterproof:  IP65  

PPC EX11N716 Series 11 Universal Compression Connector

EX Universal Compression Connectors Series 7 & 11 Cable  The unique patented design of the EX® Series body provides a universal compression fit on all Series 11 drop cable types (standard, tri and quad).  The resulting ease of installation and  reliability make... ( see Manufacturer spec)


LMR400DB 50 Ohm watertight Cable, Black Polyethylene

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